Significant Mother is an upcoming American television series on The CW network. The show was officially ordered as a series on April 10, 2015[2] and is announced to premiere on Monday, August 3


Nate, a budding restaurateur, returns from a business trip to find that his recently separated mother, Lydia (Krista Allen), has started dating his best friend and roommate, a Lothario named Jimmy. Things get worse when Nate's father, Harrison (Jonathan Silverman), suddenly becomes interested in Lydia again and is willing to do whatever it takes to win her back, even of it means using his son. As Jimmy navigates his first serious relationship, Nate is stuck in the middle of a family feud -- and finds that his own romantic life is severely handicapped.


Main CastEdit

  • Josh Zuckerman as Nate Marlowe (S1-/Nate is Lydia and Harrison's son and is mortified by his mother's relationship with Jimmy, his Lothario best friend, who begins to grow true feelings for his mother only for things to be more complicated as Nate's father tries to fight for his ex-wife)
  • Krista Allen as Lydia Marlowe (S1-/Nate's mom who has grown a relationship with his best friend Jimmy Barnes).
  • Jonathan Silverman as Harrison Marlowe (Nate's father who has separated from Lydia and wants to fight for her heart even if he has to use his son to do it).
  • Nathaniel Buzolic as Jimmy Barnes (S1-/Nate's Lothario best friend who is in a sexual relationship with Lydia, Nate's mother, whom Jimmy begins to have true feelings for).
  • Emma Fitzpatrick as Sam Dillinger
  • Jay Ali as Atticus Adams


  • Jerry O'Connell as Bob Babcock[3]
  • Erin Cardillo as Parker (S1-/Lydia's nosy lesbian co-worker).
  • Mircea Monroe as Annie (S1-/A cute girl Nate meets on the dating app "Get Forked" and begins to date)
  • Linda Gray as Gammy (S1-/Nate's grandmother and Lydia' conservative southern mom).[4]
  • Denise Richards (S1-/A notorious cougar Nate ends up on a date with).[5]
  • Richard Keith as Dylan (S1-/A nosy sommelier that inserts himself into Nate and Jimmy's double date).