Nate Marlowe
Significant mother NATE
Position Restraunteer
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Actor Josh Zuckerman
No.eps Unknown

Nate Marlowe is an antagonist and the son of Lydia as well as Jimmy's best friend. As of now, not much is known about his character except the fact that he is Lydia and Harrison's son and Jimmy's best friend and is mortified by the thought of Jimmy with his mother.


Not much is known about his pre-show history, but his mother and father have separated in this time.

Season OneEdit

Nate is a budding restaurateur who returns from a business trip to find that his recently separated mother, Lydia ,has started dating his best friend and roommate, named Jimmy. Things get worse when Nate's father, Harrison, suddenly becomes interested in Lydia again and is willing to do whatever it takes to win her back, even of it means using his son. As Jimmy navigates his first serious relationship (with Nate's mother), Nate is stuck in the middle of a family feud -- and finds that his own romantic life is severely handicapped.